Chess & the 7 – Dimensions of Life

“The chessboard is the arena, the portions are the phenomena of the
Universe, the policies of the game are what we call the legal guidelines of Nature
and the player on the alternative side is hidden from us”

(Thomas Huxley)

Our universe is in a consistent manner of decay. Our solar will someday burn out similar to every other star ultimately does in the universe. Our earth isn’t always in the equal circumstance that it turned into when our ancestors lived on it. It have to be no marvel then, whilst scientists communicate of global warming and its’ negative outcomes on our environment.
From the moment we are conceived, we as people additionally begin the ageing process. Even though we are just beginning to develop, our existence “time line” starts and the clock starts ticking closer to our loss of life. Due to our genetic and socio-cultural inheritance, our defective DNA continues to deteriorate up till a median age of 80 years, assuming that we do no longer upfront die from different causes.

Don’t Get Old

My father whom I by no means seen ill an afternoon in his operating life, retired at age 55. He just became 90 and it wasn’t until the final couple of years that when I requested him how he’s feeling, he started out replying, “Lousy – my shoulders harm, my hips hurt, and my body aches all over – Don’t get antique.” How chess hustler do you reply to these words of awareness – Don’t get old? The reality is that the whole thing and all people on this international is growing old each day, due to the fact we’re in a steady kingdom of degradation similar to our universe, solar and earth.

So if it’s miles only a remember of time earlier than I die, is there a way to sluggish down this getting old manner? Medical medical doctors inform us that through retaining a healthy life-style, we may be capable of add up to 20 -years to our lives. When I sold my Honda Civic new in 1997, the dealership salesman gave me an proprietors’ manual along side a preservation agenda. Because I desired to prevent my automobile from rusting and breaking down prematurely, I actually have tried to observe that upkeep time table for ordinary oil modifications, tune-ups, new tires, and brakes, (etc.). My mechanic recently informed me that even though this car is now over 10-years old and I even have put a hundred and forty,000 miles on it, that if I preserve to follow my preservation application, I can be able to pressure this automobile some other 60,000 miles.

Other types of lifestyles (animals, plants, and many others), do not need to decide on and act upon a scheduled renovation plan to conform to their deteriorating bodily paperwork and environments due to the fact their DNA comes ready with a integrated renovation machine that automatically directs them on what to consume, whilst to sleep, whilst and who to have sex with, and wherein to stay. As so-called better sorts of life, the DNA plan within each certainly one of our (trillion some) human cells gives us the strength to choose from a plethora of options and opportunity life-style sports. Considering the records of mankind over the centuries, we understand that complete cultures and societies have not survived the gene pool cleaning procedure due to the fact they did now not discover ways to adapt to their environment.

If we do not learn how to adapt to and hold our lives and surroundings – we will also no longer survive the gene pool cleansing manner (or your premature loss of life due to lack of expertise, worry of exchange, laziness, and/ or stupidity – prior to the duplicate of all which you are manufactured from). The factor being made right here is that we as human beings all want a upkeep application. The problem is that nobody gives us this preservation plan at birth. We examine a few matters from our imperfect dad and mom and some matters from our imperfect friends, teachers, and supervisors, but ultimately, it is up to every one of us to determine how we are able to select to stay our lives. This loss of a scheduled preservation application, along with our faulty learning system, places the general public of us at excessive chance for premature diseases, disorders, addictions, and a myriad of psych-social and cultural stressors.

Chess ?

So what does this all should do with the game of chess? Like Thomas Huxley, I have additionally come to peer the world, the universe, the legal guidelines of nature, and the way we select to stay our lives – from a chess sport angle. I accept as true with that all of us ought to and could make higher moves (choices for our lives) if we were all more aware of the options/ techniques/ resources, and so forth. – available to us and the effects of our picks prior to making our decisions. My spouse taught me the way to play chess some years ago (in my past due 40’s). Growing up, I continually taken into consideration chess a game for “nerds,” or for the ones “e book worms” that have been not superb at sports. I also (secretly) thought that people who played chess were just more smart then me, and perhaps I simply wasn’t smart enough to analyze the game. After being overwhelmed severa times by means of my wife, I observed a pc chess game and started gambling each day for the duration of my lunch breaks. Since this programmed chess sport had specific ranges of problem, I could pick out to play the seven 12 months olds – and started to win some video games. These successes helped me to start winning a few games with my wife.